What does balance mean to you? For years I spent my life trying to “balance” everything and wondering why I wasn’t happy with the life I had. I would be grinding it out only to realize how unhappy I was with how my day had turned out and not really knowing what it was that was missing. It took some trial and error but I came to realize that balance is a very personal thing and it really shouldn’t look the same for everyone. Finding the right fit for you will feel awkward at first and you may feel guilty about some of the choices that you make. For example, if working out three days a week feels super empowering and you are super excited about that, then embrace this realization and maintain that. Don’t allow the guilt to creep in when you see your neighbor working out twice a day. That is his or her balance and not yours. My goal with Balance By Sarah is to allow others to define their true balance in a way that honors and nourishes their body and mind. If this is something that you have been searching for, please reach out, I would love to chat.